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“We pay close attention to the details, each grain matters” 

At Devgan Rice & General Mills®, success is dependent upon the collective effort and expertise of in-house specialists. Our rice products promise wholesome and clean deliverables each time from a comprehensive system of training, testing and state-of-the-art technology. The Quality Assurance Staff maximizes results through development of benchmarks, research and informed decisions from in depth product knowledge and analysis.

At each level of our milling process, the facility follows strict guidelines and procedures that require constant evaluation of the products. We align with various regulatory agencies to engage all aspects of food production (including product selection and development, packaging, storage management, transportation practices, distribution) to comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

In test kitchens and laboratories, samples are selected and tested to improve cooking results and ensure that quality standards are met. That’s why teams meet regularly to solve problems and appreciate one another’s contributions. Every members’ hands on experience and precautionary measures add up to equal a total quality management approach. The implementation of strategic quality assurance guarantees a high food grading, proactivity in food safety and handling and most importantly, an extraordinary tasting experience for our customers. We keep getting better at what we do.