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Rice – In your diet

  • Rice is high in complex carbohydrates, contains almost no fat, is cholesterol free and is low in sodium, unless you add salt to the cooking water. Rice is a good source of B Vitamins; thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and dietary fiber. This makes it a good source of energy for the body.
  • Rice is a fair source of protein containing all eight essential amino acids. It is low in one amino acid called lysine, which is found in beans. So making the classic combination of rice and beans, popularly known as complimentary proteins, gives you a high protein dish.


  • Recent research shows that people who eat rice consume less sugar and saturated fat, have a lower risk of High Blood Pressure and Obesity and may be less likely to develop Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes. It provides fuel to the muscles and all other body systems including the brain.
  • Rice is gluten free and easy to digest, making it a good choice for infants and people with wheat allergies or gastrointestinal complications. It contains vital minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium. Rice also provides a source of selenium: a trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant in helping the body to resist disease.