Founded in 1972, Devgan Rice and General Mills® stands as one of the longest running rice mills in Punjab India. The sustenance of a healthy relationship with rice farmers and support of the agricultural community creates a better outlook for our ability to serve the world with one of its favorite foods. We value our customers’ concern for eco-friendly and ethical practices by ensuring responsible growing and fair trading practices. Rice isn’t just a side-dish or commodity, each grain matters to us.

Our company represents “The Pride of Punjab” because we recognize that being rooted here is what has allowed us to grow for so many years. Punjab is “the land of five rivers” in Northwest India and is known as one of the most fertile regions on Earth. Originally, this land was known as the “Granary of India” and “Breadbasket”. Skilled and dedicated local Punjabi famers have made this land prime for rice growing over the past 45 years.

In today’s environment, we continue to express gratitude for our continuation and connection to the ever-growing rice industry. We aim not only to reflect the heritage of our past, but to mirror the current state of advancement with our fair trade practices.