H. C. Devgan, CEO & President, Local Chapter of Punjab Rice Millers Association, is an astute industrialist, he founded the company Devgan Rice & General Mills in 1972  and has been responsible for the development of its businesses ever since. He has advanced the field of rice processing, and is steadily growing group of businesses to the point of significant achievement through the classical corporate route.

Harish Chander Devgan, president, local chapter of Punjab Rice Millers Association, said, this being the election year, the concerned agencies had procured all kinds of paddy. The paddy had high moisture content. It was about 23 per cent against the set norm of 17 per cent. It had reduced the yield from 67 kg rice from a quintal of paddy to about 65 kg, he added.

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The president of the association, Mr. Harish Chander Devgan, said on Monday that they had taken this step as the government had failed to give due relaxation to yield and quality standard.

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