Launching your own Store Brand or Private label brand!

If you own a business and distribute food or non food based products, and have put together business plan for selling or want to promote your own line of rice products in name of the business or otherwise as an exclusive label.

Send us the complete details of the company, trademark, type and form of rice required, quantity (with minimum order), packaging, delivery time frame, port of destination, payment terms etc. or just fill up our inquiry form. We will revert to you after getting hands on information about your business and a brief analysis of your business overview. If you would accomplish our value-delivery sequence analysis, order-to-payment cycle matrix and demand measurement scale, we will validate the business order, will timely update you on the order status through generating production and delivery reports. For placing an order, you may contact us at

Starting your own Rice Trading business!

Find out if your company and you are cut out for rice trading.

We would require you to complete and sign the credit application, authorizing us to conduct credit checks and obtain current information on your checking accounts. You may fax your application to 770-381-7940. After pre-screening your business portfolio, consumer market direction, sales-response and your potential in the rice business, we will send you an agreement based on our business association. Just sign and send those document back to us, at that point we will discuss the business matter with you in person. If you would comply with our preliminary trading criteria and standards, we will initiate the trade with the company based on regular periodical performance evaluations. For doing business, you may contact us at

To take advantage of the introductory offers that Indus Impex, Ltd (A DEVGAN Corporation) has to offer your company, contact us by e-mail at, or by telephone or fax at the numbers listed below.

: (404) – 936 – 5620

: (770) – 381 – 7940